Dragons and Travellers Tales is LIVE!

Dragons & Travellers Tales is RELEASED! It's a multi-session duet worldbuilding tabletop RPG inspired by ensemble JRPGs like Octopath Traveller and the SaGa games, and you can get it right here on the main Itch page!

It has been a long road getting here and I'd like to thank the following people:

My layout artist and accessibility checker Vee Hendro (@Rocketeer_Vee) for all of her outstanding work laying the text out in a way that is very easy to use and pleasing to the eye. I'd also like to thank her for all of the great feedback, advice, and communication she provided on the project!

My illustrator and cover artist Ieva Auželytė (@Vanagas_) for giving the text so much color and life and being a great collaborator! Check out her Artstation if you are looking for an illustrator for your own game!

Finally, I would like to thank Lauren McManamon (@thestraykiwi) for her meticulous editing with a fantastic focus on onboarding and usability! You can check out her own fantastic tabletop RPG here!

And of course thank you for checking out this project! I hope you enjoy your time with the game!


dragonsandtravellerstales-documents.zip 13 MB
Version 2 Sep 14, 2022
dragonsandtravellerstales-documents.zip 13 MB
Version 2 Sep 14, 2022

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